How to increase your Twitter reach by over 200% with this simple trick

With everything being public, brands can theoretically reach out to any user if they send the right with the right message...

Twitter is a place where anything can happen.

With everything being public, brands can theoretically reach out to any user if they send the right with the right message, at the right time and the right way.

However, it seems like the social network has become a bit of a paradox for most marketers.

For the longest time, Twitter was seeing exponential user growth year after year.

Now, in the last few years, everybody has been saying that it’s going down, and yet, most marketers say you should use it to increase your brand’s online awareness.

So should marketers still focus their efforts on it?

Well, with 320M+ monthly active users (MAU), Twitter is one of the most interesting social media platforms to be active on for businesses.


Source: social media platforms(2019)

Twitter is also a place where fans, users, and clients get to talk about your brand, also publicly. A great opportunity for brands to knit strong relationships with their audience.

Innocent drinks is pretty good at this.


On the other hand, the Twittersphere is also where a lot of rants about brands, products, and services happen.

For this reason, it’s quite easy to put brands on the spot, especially is you use the right hashtags.

This means that anyone can publicly share information about your brand and seriously hurt your credibility.

But brands can not afford to have other voices speaking for them in the public space. For that reason, brands not only need to be on Twitter, but they also need to master the platform.

From setting your brand’s tone, using Twitter to help achieve your marketing objectives, to safeguarding your company’s credibility – this guide will help you with everything you need to market your business on the social network.

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How to Set Up Your Brand on Twitter

Before you set up your account and tweet up a storm, you need to step back and ask yourself: ‘What are you trying to achieve on Twitter?

Chances are that it won’t become your revenue generation channel. But it can become a strong source of awareness for company news, your latest offers and/or pieces of content.

In order to reach any marketing goal, what you first need is a completed profile.

Complete your Twitter profile

To build a strong Twitter marketing strategy, you first need a perfect profile.
It is not a challenge and yet, it is essential to make your brand look professional and, therefore, more appealing to your clients and prospective clients.

Here are recommendations to follow:

  • Pick a @Handle (16 characters max): the best handle is your brand’s name. If it happens to be already taken, play with underscores “_” or add relevant words. As an example, the online bank Revolut added the word “app” to its Twitter handle.

Now, unless it’s part of your brand’s name — like @n26 —, never add numbers to your twitter handle if it’s not available anymore.

@Revolut034, @Apple845 or @Innocent09, …. adding numbers can affect the credibility of your brand on a social platform.

  • State your brand’s Name (50 characters max): simply write your brand’s name (Twitter allows name duplicates, so you won’t be bothered here). You just need to make it shorter than 50 characters.
  • Write a powerful Bio (160 characters max): other users will see your bio if they visit your profile, or hover your @handle if it appears on their feed. Use it to explain the purpose of your brand with clear and simple words. We also advise that you insert relevant #hashtags in your bio so that you can be found more easily when users look for it using the search bar.
  • Select a Location (30 characters max): The Moon, Mars, the Grand Canyon or somewhere in the middle of the Pacific, … this can be anything. While it’s fun to dream, it’s also more important to mention where your office(s) is (are) instead.
  • Insert a URL (100 characters max): insert your website’s URL.
  • Mention your brand’s launch date

Now, while appearances are not as important on Twitter than on a social platform like Instagram, a strong profile will only stand out if it also looks good.

Use right-sized visuals

You know the old adage, “a picture speaks a thousand words”?

Well, a beautiful picture certainly speaks even a couple more words.

On social media, the visuals you share need to be perfectly sized, or you’ll show the world that you either don’t know how to be better or, worse, that you don’t care for your visitor’s visual comfort.

We listed all you need to know about the sizes you should keep in mind when sharing content on Twitter.

  • The recommended size for your profile picture or logo: 400x400px— displays at 400x400px on click— displays at 135x135px on your profile page— displays at 50x50px on your feed— displays at 40x40px in the recommendation feed(right side of your screen).
  • The recommended size for your header picture: 1080x360px— displays as screen capacity on click— displays at 540x180px on your profile page
  • The recommended size for feed images: 510x290px— displays as screen capacity on click— displays at 510x290px on your feed
  • The recommended size for your links: 540x180px — displays at 510x290px on your feed

Why it matters: While colors are very subjective and should be subject to A/B testing, pixelated and wrongly sized visuals have a high potential to lower your engagement rates.

How to design the best Twitter visuals

Rest assured, you don’t need to be born a designer to create high-quality visuals for Twitter.

Here are two tools that we recommend and regularly use ourselves to create the visuals we share.

If advanced tools are not your cup of tea, a tool like Canva is ideal for you. Canva is a very user-friendly web tool that lets you work from a lot of existing templates and formats.


Now if you want to create more advanced visuals, you can use a tool like Adobe Photoshop.

About that, you can download our Twitter Images template for free right here.

I personally use Photoshop most of the time. It’s not necessarily better, but it’s a matter of habit. Remember that the best tools are the tools that you feel the most comfortable with.

What’s a good engagement rate on Twitter?

The engagement rate is a key metric to monitor. It shows how your audience responds to your content, and especially whether or not they share it.
For this reason, high engagement rates are a prized possession, and many marketers work hard for even small improvements.

Now, the median rate across all industries is 0,048% — according to the Rival IQ. So, don’t expect most of your followers to click, like, retweet and/or comment on your tweets. What this means is that generating leads on Twitter is hard.

With that being said, all industries don’t see the same engagement levels.

To calculate your engagement rate, divide the number of interactions with your tweets(clicks, likes, retweets, and comments) by your total amount of followers.

Nowadays, Twitter is vastly used as a customer service platform. Rather than seeking high engagement, many brands mostly try their best to help and satisfy their prospects and customers.  

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