August 2020

How we used a Product Led SEO strategy to launch this new website to a global audience

Approaching the launch of their new global software application, we helped the team at AQai make a big splash in organic search results in a new but still competitive market, leading to higher conversion rates.


Product Led SEO Growth


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Project Overview

Product Led Growth is a relatively new organic marketing strategy that's gaining traction among SaaS companies and it's enticing typically slower, B2B companies to pivot their sales and marketing strategies to adhere to consumer behaviour. This project was a great experiment into PLG to see how it works in action when centering an SEO strategy around a suite of products and their supporting content rather than a service based offering.

  • New Product Led Growth strategy and execution project
  • SEO focused on Product rather than Service based offerings


After conducting comprehensive keyword and competitor research, using a suite of SEO and analytics tools including Ahrefs, there was a clear targeting plan setup that linked key pages within the sitemap so Google's crawlers can understand the topics and subtopics easily.

Content didn't play a huge role in this strategy; rather an external partnerships and digital PR strategy that was able to leverage authoritative influences in relevant industries that the intention of attracting was.

  • Comprehensive keyword research
  • External partnerships guest posting
  • Digital PR press release distribution


Upon website launch there was almost immediate results with a strong launch plan that gradually rose to over 100 organic keyword assignments to the pages and a solid foundation of web traffic that'll start the ball rolling from a commercial perspective and pick up inbound leads without needing to worry about expensive and unreliable paid advertising campaigns.

  • 100 relevant keywords attached almost immediately
  • Over 1000+ monthly organic visitors to the new website

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